Python Priestess Issue

Python's endorsement means nothing, as she was not really an agent of Satan
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Python's endorsement of Paul's way of salvation proves it was true way of salvation
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Python's endorsement of Paul's Way means Satan wanted lost to follow Paul's Way to salvation
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Author Topic: Python Priestess Endorses Paul in Acts 16  (Read 2492 times)


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Python Priestess Endorses Paul in Acts 16
« on: August 21, 2015, 09:27:12 PM »
Three years ago, I wrote on the problem that the Python priestess -- the most popular soothsayer of ancient Greece -- in Acts 16:16-17 endorses Paul's "plan of salvation." She does not endorse Jesus / Yahshua, but the plan Paul taught on how to be saved.  Later Paul casts a demon out of her.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:22-23 many will be able to cast out demons in "my name, but I will say to them 'I never knew you,' you workers of ANOMIA.'" The latter is a Greek word that means LAWLESS or NEGATOR OF THE LAW OF MOSES -- as NOMOS means TORAH in Greek. So clearly Paul's Way of Salvation was endorsed by a demon. Paul's casting out the demon proves this was a demon at the point when she endorsed Paul.   Paul's casting out a demon does not prove Paul knew Jesus, according to Jesus / Yahshua.

My article is at this link: http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/recommendedreading/373-spirit-of-python-promoted-paul-in-acts-16.html

This Python-priestess problem with Paul actually was also exposed in Boulanger's 1746 work in French A Critical Examination of Paul at page 52 -- now available in an 1823 edition on books.google.com.

My Python article set on fire a forum page in the Netherlands 2 years ago. I received many questions at the time. The issue apparently had the Paulinists on the defense there who it seems could not find any good rebuttals, as far as my correspondents relayed to me.

I was wondering what this forum thinks are the positives or negatives on this as a serious and legitimate problem to Paul's legitimacy. Does anyone have an argument that refutes it? If you agree with the issue, how strong do you think it is?

P.S. The only Bible to reveal the Greek name of this demon-possessed woman as the PYTHON is the Young's Literal Translation from the 1890s. Only specialist commentators will also mention she is the famous and popular soothsayer PYTHON. Hence, when you first hear of this issue, it may seem unfamiliar and surprising. This is only due to almost every translation in English unnecessarily obscuring the identity of this famous priestess and agent of Satan as a 'spirit,' or 'soothsayer,' etc. But in Greek, it was PYTHON.
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Re: Python Priestess Endorses Paul in Acts 16
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2015, 01:29:26 PM »
First, Welcome to PWPF "The Forum", I believe this to be an excellent example of how Paul uses his authority to "Maybe" his advantage.  Maybe, the priestess was also about to expose more about Paul and he needed her "Silenced".  What ever the endgame, Paul wanted the last word as he consistently took.  I'm personally not very up on the study of the Python Priestess, but will do more research myself.  Thanks again for your conversation.