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« on: March 15, 2016, 04:32:42 PM »
Don't know what to say about myself, other than I've been doing some investigation on and off since about 2010. I was just like every other mainstream Christian who was taught not to question the Bible because everything in there was the word of God. However, around 2009/2010 I was witnessing to some atheists and it wasn't until then that I was aware of contradictions in the Bible. This didn't shake my belief in God because I knew, and still know, that He exists. Instead, I started to question why these contradictions were in the Bible and who put them there. The contradictions clearly validate that the Bible, as we know it today, is not the complete, accurate word of God. Things have been added to, and taken away from, the Bible. As I would do more and more research, I saw the web of lies and deception were much bigger than anyone could imagine, and they go all the way back to the crucifixion, and some even before. There is a lot for me to share, and I look forward to doing so.


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Re: Hey
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I've been immersing in the teachings of Jesus about a decade now.  At first it was for my own benefit - to know what Jesus did teach, as well as every single commandment he spoke of in the great commission, that his disciples will keep his word from the Father.  After noting each and every imperative recorded to have been given by Jesus from each book in the New Testament, the issue with Paul jumped out at me, as both Jesus and Paul did not preach or teach the same, or even compatible messages.  Then after noting how many imperatives there are I noticed that the accounts of the gospels are not totally consistent or compatible, which lead to another study, which concluded that if ancient records are that the original Church, with the Apostles, at Jerusalem, said Matthew in the Hebrew text was their source document, that this was the one to first understand - in its most ancient and original telling.

To date it seems that every single teaching of Jesus was to bring light to the words of God in the Torah, Psalms and Prophets - and I have yet to discover anything contrary to that.  In the process I've discovered a number of core principles that can be more completely understood by study of the passages he seemed to be quoting.

No wonder John said that the world could be filled with books written about what he taught! 

Since Jesus (Yeshua) said that his disciples will honor and keep even the least of the commandments of God, this is my current study.  God said not to fear the threats of false prophets - and surely this applies to the threats of Paul against anyone who dared disagree with him.

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Some books read about Paul:
Jesus Words Only
Not Paul, but Jesus (likely and unbeliever - difficult read - but proved the motivations of Paul)
The Mythmaker - Paul and the Invention of Christianity (Jewish perspective)